• Dental Care Professionals Making a Difference in the Community

    Dental Care Professionals Helps the Environment and Local Kids in Need

    Besides a genuine commitment to providing personalised and gentle dental care to all patients, treating them with respect and honesty, and going above and beyond to deliver premium oral care, the team at Dental Care Professionals are also dedicated to helping the environment and local kids in needs.

    Collecting Used Oral Care Products for Recycling and Social Good

    Dental Care Professionals recently became a participating dental practice in The Colgate®Oral Care BRIGADE®. Practice Principal, Alan Fassina explains that “DCP has volunteered the practice as a drop off point for used dental products such as tooth brushes, tooth paste tubes and old dental floss containers. We send these used oral care items to Terracycle, a company that recycles the plastic to make useful items.

    TerraCycle® is working with people around the world to help eliminate the waste by collecting used toothbrushes, toothpaste tubes and caps, toothbrush and toothpaste outer packaging and floss containers and then recycling these items into cool and beneficial new products.

    The Colgate®Oral Care BRIGADE® program has also provided Dental Care Professionals with an avenue to further “give back to the community” highlights Fassina, with “all proceeds that are generated being donated to a brilliant charity called KickStart for Kids which is a not for profit organisation that helps school children achieve positive educational and self-esteem outcomes through breakfast, lunch and mentoring programs”.

    Benefiting Disadvantaged Children by Recycling Your Old Toothbrush

    Not all kids have the same start in life. KickStart for kids was founded in 2011 on the belief that every child, regardless of their social or economic background, should have an equal chance. They do this by running breakfast, lunch and mentoring programs in South Australian schools and provide basic clothing and healthcare needs.

    KickStart for Kids believe that if children are hungry or encounter hardship, they are not able to fully engage at school, therefore, not achieving educational outcomes, KickStart for Kids endeavours to level the playing field. Today KickStart for Kids supports over 300 South Australian Schools, providing around 40,000 breakfasts and 10,000 lunches per week with 600 volunteers.

    So, to help the environment and some needy kids, please drop off your old dental products to our Brighton Practice and help us to make a difference.

    How You Can Help Make a Difference in the Community

    Simply bring your used oral care items in when you have your next appointment and we’ll make sure they get where they need to be going.
    Bring in these items for recycling –

    • Old toothbrushes
    • Used toothpaste tubes
    • Empty dental floss containers

    Find out more about these programs:
    Kickstart for Kids – https://kickstartforkids.com.au/
    The Colgate®Oral Care BRIGADE® program – http://www.terracycle.com.au/en-AU/brigades/oral-care-brigade

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