• Custom Fitted Mouthguards: Is Your Mouth Sport Ready?

    Dental injuries in sport are common and can vary from soft tissue damage (like a split lip) to chipped teeth or even complete loss of a tooth.

    Custom-fitted mouthguards are a vital accessory for anyone participating in a sport where contact with the mouth and face is possible.

    While a mouthguard is compulsory in sports such as football, there are a lot of sports where mouth-guards are rarely worn, such as soccer, basketball and netball. Sports where contact to the face and mouth can also be disastrous.

    If you are in danger of experiencing a dental injury through high-impact sports and don’t use any protection, you’re potentially leaving yourself open to painful and costly dental work not to mention permanent damage to your smile.

    Why use Custom Fitted Mouthguards?

    A Custom-fitted sports mouthguard can protect you by:

    • Cushioning your teeth against impact
    • Protecting against jaw joint and soft tissue injuries
    • Preventing neck and jaw injuries
    • Reducing concussion


    Custom Fitted Mouthguards are Worn by the Adelaide Comets Football Club

    Wearing a custom-fitted mouthguard when playing sport is recommended by dentists and the Australian Dental Association (ADA).

    Dental Care Professionals is a proud supporter of the Adelaide Comets Football Club and has been fitting the team with mouthguards and treating players and their families for dental care for many years.

    Dental Care Professionals is thrilled to be able to support and serve the local sporting community and its players to provide maximum protection for their oral health.

    Sports Mouthguards from Dental Care Professionals

    Choose Your Colour When You Get Custom Fitted Mouthguards

    Dental Care Professionals offer mouthguards in an array of colours.

    You can choose your club colours too!

    Get sport ready this season – DCP Mouthguard special offer

    Under 18s mouthguard package

    * 15 – minute consultation
    * custom fitted mouthguard
    * colour of choice
    + PLUS a bonus protective storage case

    All included for $80

    Call 8232 3280 (City surgery) or
    8296 7356 (Brighton surgery)


    Get Your Own Custom-fitted Mouthguard Today at Dental Care Professionals!

    Get sport ready and visit our dentists at Dental Care Professionals today, they are happy to assist you with your custom fitted mouth guard and in helping you to protect your family’s smile.

    Call 08 8232 3280 (City) or 08 8296 7356 (Brighton) to organise a custom-made mouthguard. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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