• Can Soft Drink Really Harm My Teeth?

    Can soft drink really harm my teeth?

    Large volumes and frequent drinking of soft drinks is one of the major risk factors that cause dental decay.

    For example, one can of lemonade such as Mountain Dew has eleven teaspoons of sugar in it and is highly acidic. If you challenged yourself to eat those 11 teaspoons of sugar chances are you’d have a syrupy feeling mouth and sticky teeth afterwards, something that you’re not aware of when you’re drinking it.

    The biggest threat to your teeth with soft drinks is the acidity, which can dissolve your tooth enamel. You may have seen that Colgate 70’s ad with Mrs Marsh showing kids how Fluoride gets into your tooth by putting a stick of chalk into liquid. This is exactly what’s happening with the acid in soft drinks to your teeth too.

    Then when you combine the acid with sugar you’re creating the perfect environment for bacteria in your mouth and over your teeth which cause decay.

    Sadly, diet carbonated drinks aren’t going to save your teeth either. Just because they don’t have sugar, doesn’t mean that they aren’t acidic, in fact most diet sodas are about the same acidity as sugar sweetened soft drinks.

    If you want to drink soft drinks, consider drinking them quickly and with food – a meal or snack. You may want to also think about washing your mouth out afterwards with water to reduce the amount of sugar and acid that is left on the tooth surface.

    Watch the Mrs Marsh Colgate Fluoriguard Ad

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