• Can My Filling Be Repaired?

    Can my filling be repaired?

    It is possible for some fillings to be repaired when they fracture. Even when the tooth around a filling fractures there are some situations where it can be repaired. For your filling to be repaired there must be no tooth decay present.

    Fillings are a way for teeth that have been damaged by tooth decay to be preserved and rebuilt so that you can keep what’s health of your remaining tooth and have use of it.

    The material used to fill the hole and rebuild your tooth will deteriorate over time and bits break loose or become faulty. Whether the filling is repaired or replaced will depend on whether tooth decay has occurred by the loss of parts of the filling.

    While you may prefer to have the filling repaired because it will take less time and cost you less, this will only be a possible treatment option if you consult your dentist as soon as you notice the damage in your filling.

    If my filling falls out completely is it repaired or replaced?

    Your filling will be replaced if it falls out completely.

    To make sure that you avoid needing a bigger filling, you must be absolutely thorough with your tooth brushing and oral hygiene until you can see your dentist to have a new filling put in.

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