• Can I Have a Problem With My Teeth Even If I Don’t Have Pain?

    Can I have a problem with my teeth even if I don’t have any pain?

    Yes. Mostly dental decay and cavities won’t start to hurt until they are very large and in urgent need of attention by your dentist.

    Even gum disease may not hurt at all, yet can be causing serious damage. In fact, you may be unaware that you have a serious gum infection until a tooth falls out.

    Sometimes you may get warning pain from oral cancer, though there are many cases where this too can present and the patient has an advanced stage of cancer with no pain at all.

    You may be inclined to skip your next visit to the dentist in favour of spending that money on something else or out of fear of pain. It’s a personal decision. However, when you really evaluate the situation, don’t you deserve to put you and your health first? All it takes is a regular 15 minute check-up with your dentist every few months to know that you’re healthy and disease free.

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