• Can A Tooth Repair Itself?

    Can a tooth repair itself?

    A tooth can repair itself to a degree using the minerals provided by saliva and fluoride. If the process of decay progresses over time, the enamel is weakened and a cavity forms. If the enamel is weakened too far, situation tooth repair will have to be performed by a dentist with a filling.

    Tooth enamel is comprised of 90% minerals, which mean there aren’t many cells or proteins as part of its make up. The roots of teeth have cells and these provide a certain amount of repair to damaged teeth but this doesn’t extend all of the way up to the crown of the tooth, The majority of the tooth is susceptible to what we eat, drink and breathe.

    Unlike animals, we only get two sets of teeth and no replacements for the second set. If we lose a tooth as an adult, we lose it forever. Aside from having a tooth knocked out, the most common way to lose a tooth is through tooth decay.

    We did not have so much trouble with cavities in the past but with our modern diet – high in sugar and foods with high acid content – our oral health has declined somewhat. The addition of fluoride to the population’s drinking water has improved oral health for everyone. For times when manual tooth repair needs to be done, advances in dental technologies have made the process much easier (and much less scary) than it once was.

    If you maintain a regular routine of cleaning your teeth twice a day, using dental floss and having foods high in sugar and acid in moderation then you should be able to assist your teeth in healing any caries before they become cavities.

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