• 8 Tips on How to Keep Smiling Through the Festive Season

    Festive Season Dental Tips to Keep You Smiling

    The festive season is upon us and we all want to enjoy this special time as much as possible. Which means being able to flash our pearly whites often and with confidence; during the silly season!

    Smiling has endless benefits. It can make you and the people around you happy, it can help you de-stress during the crazy holiday season — plus, it just makes you feel good!

    To help you get through this holiday season, the team at Dental Care Professionals has lined up some key festive season dental tips to help keep you smiling:

    1. Stick to Your Daily Routine During the Holidays

    Festive Season Dental Tip 1 - Stick to Your Daily Routine During the Holidays

    So that you feel confident smiling and keep your pearly whites in tip top condition, maintaining your regular oral health routine is essential. With all the parties, nibbles and drinks it is easy to neglect our teeth which in turn impacts our health and our smile.

    You should brush your teeth at least twice each day. When brushing use a very short back-and-forth motion while holding the toothbrush at a slight angle to your teeth. Avoid scrubbing too vigorously as it may cause gum irritation.

    Floss daily and when flossing between your teeth make sure to rub the dental floss against all sides of each tooth. Proceed slowly, one tooth at a time taking care to be thorough.

    2. Eat Well and Add Colour to Your Christmas Meals

    Festive Season Dental Tip 2 - Eat Well and Add Colour to Your Christmas Meals

    Add lots of colourful fruits and vegetables to your diet during the festive season period.

    Fruits and veggies contain fibre, minerals and vitamins, high antioxidants, and are low in fat. This helps in keeping your bowels healthy, makes your skin glow, keeps your calories in check. Which is especially helpful during hte festive season when we’re most likely to have an unbalanced diet.

    Plus fruits and vegetables help with the health of your smile.

    3. Drink Plenty of Water to Detox, Hydrate and Keep Cool

    Festive Season Dental Tip 3 - Drink Plenty of Water to Detox, Hydrate and Keep Cool

    Not only will keeping up your water intake keep you hydrated in the summer heat. It will stop you from becoming the clown who’s had one too many champagnes!

    Water helps flush out the sugars and other nasties from all your festive eating and drinking. Keeping your mouth, teeth and gums rinsed and reducing your risk of dental disease.

    4. Book Your New Year Dental Check Up

    Festive Season Dental Tip 4 - Book Your New Year Dental Check Up

    Seeing a dentist on a regular basis is vital to keep teeth in optimal working order and for general good health.

    The traditional rule of thumb is to visit the dentist every six months, so why not add it to your ‘to do list’ and book in an appointment in the lead up to Christmas. That way you’ll have it booked in and can enjoy the festive season and summer holidays without worrying about it later.

    With your appointment all booked in you can happily get on with enjoying what’s to come and ensure that your smile is healthy and well.

    5. Moderation is Key to Surviving the Festivities

    Festive Season Dental Tip 5 - Moderation is Key to Surviving the Festivities

    We all know how easy it is to overindulge in what we eat and drink over Christmas.

    Trying to avoid deep fried and spicy foods that can cause indigestion, skin breakout and skin rashes. Or avoiding too many sweet treats is all part of the festive season celebrations.

    If you are planning to drink alcohol, drink moderately as too much can make you feel dehydrated and cause hangovers which can spoil your plans for the next day.

    It is a time to celebrate, so enjoy indulging. Just do it in moderation, so that you don’t have to make up for it with “New Years Resolutions”!

    6. Stress Less and Take Time Out to Enjoy the Holidays

    Festive Season Dental Tip 6 - Stress Less and Take Time Out to Enjoy the Holidays

    The festive season can be a busy time catching up with friends and family as well as doing other activities. It is important that we also take time out to relax and have some space.

    Listen to your emotions and know your limits. Some great ways to take time out include going for a walk, listening to music and finding somewhere quiet to chill or meditate.

    7. Get Plenty of Sleep… Maybe Even a Nap

    Festive Season Dental Tip 7 - Get Plenty of Sleep Maybe Even a Nap

    Outings with friends, dinner with family, late night gatherings and much more will keep you occupied this festive season, we know. It gets difficult to turn down requests for a boozy party during this time. But, among the array of festivities, make sure you create a balance between recreations and rest.

    Try to catch 7-8 hours of sleep to wake up refreshed and recharged the next day. After all there will probably be another party or get together you’ll need to get to.

    8. Remember to Smile – Selfies, Photos and Videos will Capture Your Celebrations

    Smile! Remember what the festive season is all about; family, friends, having fun and enjoying your time together! Let your happiness be the reason for you to smile, because your smile is the best accessory!


    Merry Christmas from all of us Dental Care Professionals.

    We will be open over the holiday break and look forward to seeing you soon. To book an appointment, please call 8232 3280.

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